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button  Job Hunting On The Web - "Its A Numbers Game"!

Many job seekers are finding out about the power of numbers. On-line job searches are becoming more popular as people find out the advantage of reaching out across the Internet and connecting with larger and larger numbers of potential employers.

The convenience and ability to target possible employers and specific jobs over the Internet can give it distinct advantage over traditional methods of job hunting for a growing number of jobs, as more people are discovering. Of course certain types of jobs and companies are more prevalent on the Internet, but in many cases the effectiveness of using the World-wide Web to find employment can be dramatic.

As both companies and employees move in larger numbers to the Internet these trends will only continue to increase.

In addition, resumes and vital information about employees can be delivered cheaply and almost instantaneously over the Internet. The practice of posting your resume, or sending it over the Internet to a potential employer is commonplace because of its efficiency and speed. Traditional "analog" paper will never be replaced, but the Web gives a new dimension and a new meaning to the words "job-search".

Here are some of the most popular job-search Websites:

  • Monster Board: www.monster.com general job search agent
  • Online Career Center: www.occ.com another general job search agent
  • Espan: www.espan.com general listings with e-mail alerts
  • CareerPath: www.careerpath.com general listings with metro newspaper ads
  • CareerMosaic: www.careermosaic. com general listings with newsgroup job postings
  • HotJobs: www.hotjobs.com listings of technical jobs
  • IntelliMatch: www.intellimatch.com general listings with resume builder
  • Virtual Job Fair: www.vjf.com high-tech listing that searches multiple sites
  • SelectJobs: www.selectjobs.com computer oriented listings with e-mail alerts
  • Braun can post openings for our clients

    Its a new way of life in the Human Resources business - if you aren't aware of the potentials in this field then you might want to dive in and take a look.

  • button  5 Myths About Overtime: Test Your Knowledge

    True or False?

    1. Employees can give up their overtime pay rights...

    2. True or False? All salaried workers are exempt from overtime...

    3. True or False? Private sector workers may not receive compensatory time off in lieu of overtime pay...

    4. True or False? Work done "off the clock" does not count toward overtime...

    5. True or False? Unless the supervisor specifically authorizes overtime work, the employee is not entitled to overtime pay...

    Here are the facts:

    1. The right to overtime pay cannot be legally waived, so any agreement to that effect is not valid.
    2. Although all hourly workers are eligible for overtime, not all salaried workers are exempt. The three categories of employees who are exempt from the law are salaried executive employees ('regularly manage two or more employees'), administrative employees (who perform office or non-manual work relating to management policies or general business operations), and professional employees (requiring specialized study or the exercise of creativity).
    3. Not always the case. Comp time can sometimes be granted as a benefit to employees who are not legally entitled to overtime pay. (Check state and federal laws).
    4. ALL time actually worked counts towards overtime, even if the work is performed before or after the regular shift.
    5. All work time over 40 hours in one week counts as overtime, even when the employee is working extra on his or her own initiative. If a supervisor permits the work to be done (over 40 hours), then it counts towards overtime.

    Any questions you may have about creating overtime solutions can be quickly and courteously answered by Braun.

    Braun Consulting Group
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    * Personnel

    button Braun Taps Into Internet Resources To Solve Your Problems

    When you call Braun for help with a problem or to answer your questions about human resources or labor relations issues affecting your business we can provide the answers fast.

    One way we do this is through our efficient use of the Internet as a research tool.

    In addition to the over $4,000 a year Braun spends on research and reference materials available in our office that provide you with accurate and factual advice and information, we are also skilled in using the vast resources of the Internet to serve your needs.

    Braun Consulting Group has been using the Internet for years now, and knows how to quickly track down the definitive references to help you solve your problems.

    Legal search engines, law references and rulings appropriate to your problems or concerns are always at our fingertips... sometimes in a book, manual, or CD Rom in our office, and other times while logged on the Internet.

    Don't get left behind or let valuable time pass with issues that may be pressing you or your business - just give us a call or send us an e-mail and you will be amazed at the speed with which we can answer your most pressing questions.

    The satisfaction of our customers is built on our reliability and accuracy... and we are proud of our level of service and professionalism achieved through our years of experience.

    Please call 623-5155 or e-mail us at Contact Braun-BCG

    button If The IRS Comes Knocking On Your Door... It may not be coincidence if you receive a visit from the IRS sometime after you fire a disgruntled or trouble-making employee. Sometimes they go to the IRS and "report" your business for "breaking" tax laws, and may receive a reward for it.

    If you ever wind up greeting an auditor at your door here are a few tips to help you minimize the time and financial impact of an audit:

  • Make sure your independent contractors are really independent contractors and not employees

  • Compare the reports you get from your service bureau to your internal wage and tax data. Clear any discrepancies up promptly.

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