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Employer Cell Phone Liability Update
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HR Outsourcing Trends
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Graphic  Employer Cell Phone Liability: Update
An earlier article of ours in the Braun Consulting News on Cell Phone Liability has been one of our most popular and highly trafficked articles on our website. We decided to do an update and explore what has changed or what may be new around this interesting topic ...read more.

Graphic  Workplace Violence and Domestic Violence
Domestic violence has the potential to create incidents of violence that occur at the workplace. It can also affect the workplace in the form of loss of productivity, increased absenteeism, higher stress, increased tardiness, more health care costs, and higher turnover rates...read more.

Graphic  Obesity In The Workplace: Update
In our article "Obesity In The Workplace" written last year we presented a large amount of information about obesity and how it affects individuals and employers alike. The problem of obesity and obesity in the workplace is punctuated by growth rates of the number of people overweight in this country ...read more.

Graphic  HR Outsourcing Trends
Human Resources outsourcing appears to be increasing more each passing year. Now this is truly a trend that is near and deal to our hart at Braun Consulting. According to sourcing advisory firm Technology Partners International human resources is the fastest-growing segment of the business process-outsourcing sector. Research by the Yankee Group predicts that the domestic market for HR outsourcing, which involves outsourcing at least three human resources functions, will reach $42 billion by 2008. You may recall that it took a billion minutes for history to advance from the time of Christ to current time. A billion is a lot of money! ...read more.

Graphic  Looking At Employee Turnover
Minimizing turnover at the workplace has long been held as conventional wisdom that almost goes without saying. Lately more companies are taking the approach that managing turnover in terms of keeping it low just for the sake of having a low turnover rate is not necessarily the most profitable practice. Instead of managing turnover and giving equal value to all employees the notion is that retention efforts should be focused on certain types of employees rather than across the board. ...read more.

Graphic  Briefs: Human Resources Updates

As an employer, if you have any questions or concerns about
human resources or labor relations issues relating to your
workplace please contact us at Braun Consulting Group.

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