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button High Hopes for ADR from the Seattle District Office of EEOC!
     The Seattle district office of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) hopes and expects great success from its initiatives in alternative dispute resolution / mediation, according to Michael C. Fetzer, deputy director of the Seattle district office. At both the national and district office level, the EEOC has been exploring ways to incorporate the benefits of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) into the handling of charges of discrimination. Since ADR represents a departure from the EEOC's historic charge - handling process, Fetzer says the EEOC wants to be sure employers are aware of this option. The only charges filed with the Seattle district office that will not be eligible for mediation are those that fit the enforcement priorities of the Local Enforcement Program (LEP) established by the office.

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button Interviewing &
Illegal Questions
     This is old news but worthy of a reminder. The Washington State Human Rights Commission has adopted revised regulations outlining legal and illegal pre-employment questions.

Fair Pre employment Inquiries: Age - inquiries as to birth date and proof of true age are permitted by RCW 49.44.090. Arrests - inquiries concerning arrests must include whether charges are still pending, have been dismissed, or led to conviction of a crime involving behavior which would adversely affect job performance, and the arrest occurred within the last ten years. National Origin - inquiries into applicant's ability to ready, write and speak foreign languages, when such inquiries are based on job requirements. Photographs - may be requested after hiring for identification purposes. Residence - Inquiries about address to the extent needed to facilitate contacting the applicant.

button Reliability is Key      "For Braun Consulting Group reliability is the key ... our product is right, our quality is impeccable, and we have great success in achieving the goals of the client, in the manner most fitting to that client."

     Braun's Top Ten Values

check1. Commitment to Quality
check2. Creating a "Cultural Match" to Our Clients
check3. Providing A
Full Scope of Resources
check4. Building Strong Reliable References,
and a Continuing Positive Reputation
check5. Value Added Capability For Every Client
6. Maintaining Flexible Contract Terms
check7. Appropriate Pricing
check8. Expanding Existing Relationships With Partners and Clients
check9. Providing Capable and Quality Performance
check10. Absolute Confidentiality and Consideration Guaranteed.
     We at Braun Consulting Group are committed to these values and hold them as our standards for doing business.
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