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Winter 2000

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button Leave for Domestic Violence-Related Services - New Law

The Victims of Domestic Violence Employment Leave Act was signed into law Sept. 16, 2000, by Governor Gray Davis (D). The bill will go into effect January 1, 2001.

This new law prohibits an employer with 25 or more employees from discriminating against an employee who takes unpaid time off work to seek medical attention, counseling, and other services stemming from domestic violence.

If an unscheduled absence occurs, the employer is prohibited from taking action against an employee if the employee provides a certification to the employer, such as:

  1. A police report indicating that the employee was a victim of domestic violence;
  2. A court order, restraining order, or other evidence from the court or prosecuting attorney that the employee appeared in court; or
  3. Documentation from a health care or counseling professional illustrating that the employee was undergoing treatment for domestic violence-related injuries.

For the complete text of the new Bill please click here

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