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Health Care Crisis
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Graphic  Health Care Crisis - Latest Update
It seems that one of the factors in the ongoing health care crisis for employers is the sheer complexity of the issues and problems involved. On top of trying to run a business, employers and HR professionals have to sort out the complexities and variables of the health care system and various means of coverage - such as Consumer Driven Health Plans, Wellness programs, eligibility issues, doctor ratings, conflicting studies and information, benefit cost variables, disease management, and so on...read more.

Graphic  Reemploying Returning Veterans
All employers in the United States have an obligation to their employees who are in the uniformed services and are called up to leave the workplace and serve their country. This obligation is both moral and legal. In this article we will review key parts of the legal obligation employers have towards returning employees who have been absent for duty...read more.

Graphic  DHS Immigration No-Match Rule on Hold
The Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) legal struggle to use Social Security "no-match" letters as an important weapon to combat illegal immigration is on hold for now. It has devolved into a back and forth legal battle in the courts that won't be resolved until the spring of 2008 at the earliest. However, the writing seems to be on the wall with the trend showing that the DHS will continue to pursue this avenue as a backdoor method of immigration reform...read more.

Graphic  Aging Workforce - Employer Issues
We all know it is coming. A quick glance at the appropriate statistics will show that the number of people in our workforce who are 55 years and older will be dramatically increasing every year. People plan on working longer, as they live longer. Employers who are looking ahead are preparing for this changing situation. They are already adjusting to meet the needs of this important segment of the workforce. For example, employers are training recruiters and hiring managers to avoid any possible age discrimination charges, as well as adapting to the differing needs of older workers in other ways...read more.

Graphic  Employer Briefs: Human Resources Updates

As an employer, if you have any questions or concerns about
human resources or labor relations issues relating to your
workplace please contact us at Braun Consulting Group.

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