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Vol. 3 No. 3
Winter 1997-1998
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5 Tips on Minimizing
Workplace Violence

Responding to
EEOC Complaints

Complainers & Negative Attitude: Some Insight..........2

Latest Trends From
NLRB Chairman William Gould
Are They "Anti-Employer"? ...2

Can You Defend Yourself
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Washington Employment Legislation -
Some Notes of Interest
Reconciliation of State Family Leave Law with FMLA. ..4

1997 Survey of
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Minimizing Workplace Violence

Some experts say that violence in your workplace "is not an issue of risk avoidance, but rather of risk selections."

Here are some suggestions on how to curb workplace violence before it can take you by surprise:

1. - Make sure your workplace policies control weapons on company property (including parking lots), and require employees to submit to searches for inappropriate weapons. Examinations to determine employee mental fitness for duty may also be appropriate in some situations. It may become necessary to enforce these rules, or demonstrate a set of rules, in the event of a violent occurrence. A policy should be in place before enforcement becomes a question.

2. - Workplace policies should have a "zero tolerance" acceptance level. Any incident of violence, even threats of violence, should be against your policy. Employees should be required to report all violent behavior to management. Management/employee meetings should emphasize this "zero tolerance" policy regarding violence and potential violence at the same time employees are reminded of EEO policies.

3. - Take some time to learn about prevention of workplace violence, and what to do if it occurs. Schedule in an hour or two to learn about this, or take a few minutes and call Braun Consulting Group for some answers to your questions. Being prepared is the first step to avoid the negative consequences of violence, should it occur.

4. - Train your managers to recognize the warning signs of violence and to defuse potentially violent situations. Get the possibilities and a plan for action out in the open during periodic employee meetings. Publicly acknowledge that staff is working to maintain a safe working environment.

5. - Make sure any receptionist is given instruction to call coworkers and use a code word if potentially dangerous individuals come to the reception area. During training, cultivate a spirit of cooperation and awareness between workers in any reception area.

These short tips should help you get thinking about violence in the workplace, what YOUR violence policy is, and perhaps start asking yourself,
"How is my workplace violence policy working for me?"

Here's A Tip on Minimizing Workplace Violence. . . Braun Consulting Group spends thousands of dollars a year in maintaining an "up to the minute" knowledge base of important areas of human resources. Braun studies case histories and real life events of these important issues. If you need to get information, an overhaul, or upgrade of your "Workplace Violence Policy" please feel free to contact us for more information

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The Contents of this News Letter are intended for general information
and should not be construed as legal advise or opinion.
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