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Workplace Violence
Rears Its Ugly Head

Domestic Violence
and Workplace Violence

Types of
Workplace Violence

Some Trends in
Prevention Measures

Acronyms and
Workplace Violence

Summary: Some Other
Preventative Measures

Tips on Preventing
Workplace Violence


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Tips on Preventing Workplace Violence

These are good tips to use yourself, or share with your employees - especially if parking in a multilevel garage or entering or leaving your company premises after dark.

  • When approaching your vehicle, always watch for persons who look inappropriate for conditions.
  • Have your car keys in hand when approaching your vehicle.
  • If a person gets near your vehicle causing concern, turn around and walk away.
  • Before entering your vehicle, look through the windows to see if all appears normal.
  • After entering your vehicle, immediately lock all doors.
  • Always keep your vehicle's doors locked when you are away from it.
  • When possible, try to avoid parking your vehicle in unlighted, isolated areas.
  • If you become a car-jacking victim, give up your vehicle and get out quickly.
  • If you are bumped from the rear while driving in an isolated area, drive to the nearest well-lighted area where there are other people and call for assistance. Use a cell phone if you have one.
  • Always carry a cellular telephone if possible.
  • Try to walk to and from your vehicle with other persons going in your direction.
  • Do not leave packages or valuables of any kind in open view in your vehicle.
  • Place packages and valuables in your trunk before reaching your parking destination.
  • After parking your vehicle, look around before you exit the vehicle.
  • If you become a victim of an attack, attempt to make as much commotion as possible so that you attract attention. (Scream, honk your horn etc.)
  • If you feel insecure or unsafe about walking to your car alone, as for an escort.
  • Report incidents to security and the police if warranted or in doubt.
  • Consider attaching a loud whistle to your key chain so you can us it if necessary.
  • Exercise common sense, and be aware of your surroundings, no matter where you are.

(Ideas courtesy of the WA. Employment Law Letter)

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