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Workplace Video Surveillance

  • Employees must know exactly which areas are under observation.
  • The cameras should be in plain view, or disclosed to employees.
  • Have a written policy setting out which areas are under surveillance and which supervisors are authorized to view surveillance tapes. Make the policy as restrictive as possible in the viewing of tapes.


  • You should not ask job applicants or candidates questions bearing on their physical and mental health unless the applicant offers up their disability.
  • You cannot ask how many sick days a job applicant took at his or her last job.
  • Do not ask whether he or she has filed a workers' compensation claim... unless you like to invite trouble.
  • In Washington State once a disability is known you should ask if an accommodation is needed.

Perceived disabilities

  • The Americans with Disabilities Act, and most state laws, also covers persons who are not actually disabled.
  • If people are treated unfairly because an employer perceives them to be disabled. .. even though they are not disabled.
  • For example: the ADA would apply to discrimination against a worker who is HIV- positive but has no symptoms of the disease.

Job listings

  • Avoid terms that suggest gender or age preferences, including "girl Friday," "entry level,   busboy   energetic," or "front desk appearance."

Letting An Employee Go

  • Make thorough preparations before firing an employee.
  • If the employee is surprised, you haven't done your job of giving a warning.
  • Don't mix the good with the bad.
  • Don't talk about the situation - no matter how the employee attempts to egg you into it.
  • Be ready to be angry..(and don't be).
  • Call for a phone conference to help you prepare for the meeting with the employee.

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