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button Audits May Help Prevent Law Suits

Periodic Human Resource audits are a good way to help prevent law suits in the workplace. Reviews should be done regularly to avoid costly legal compliance problems.

Key areas that employers should look into as part of an audit include the distinction between exempt and nonexempt status for overtime purposes, the classification of workers as employees or independent contractors, and potential problems under equal opportunity laws.

Braun Consulting Group offers timely and effective audits for you in these areas.

Here are three things to keep in mind when considering an audit.

  1. In addition to bringing key advice and knowledge of all pertinent laws to the table, an audit such as those provided by Braun Consulting Group can add an extra layer of credibility to the findings of the audit. Records from a self-audit do not have the same credibility as audits done by independent sources.
  2. An audit is not only a "check up" - you should be prepared to make the necessary changes provided by the auditor. Make sure the resolve is there to follow through on any weaknesses in your policies that may found by the audit.
  3. Showing efforts at compliance by conducting an audit and following through on it can show "good faith effort". It is better to have conducted an audit and made mistakes than never to have conducted one at all.

This is a case to be made for the old saying "Don't be penny wise, and pound foolish"!

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One Year After The Strike...??

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