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button 'Right to Organize' Will Be THE Hot Labor Issue To Test Candidates in the Year 2000, Says Sweeney.

At a legislative and political conference of the Service Employees union earlier this year, Federation President John Sweeney made it clear that the AFL-CIO plans to make the right to organize a litmus test for big labor's political support in the 2000 elections.

"When it comes to making our choices between candidates, support of rights of workers to choose a union is just the first step up the path of justice that we want them to take," Sweeney stated at the conference. "We're into bottom versus top politics," not "Republican versus Democrat" or "right versus left."

Sweeney also chastised the conference attendees, "We haven't gotten our message out". Though 475,000 formerly union-free employees were organized last year, labor's net membership gain was no better than 100,000. Sweeney also claimed that a majority of Americans disapprove of employers who run "anti-union" campaigns.

A federation-sponsored poll was released which claims that half of non-union employees eligible to be represented by a union said they would vote for representation if given the opportunity.

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