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No. 3
Winter 1999

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Workplace Romance -
How About a "Love Contract"?
line 'Right to Organize'
- THE Hot Labor Issue To Test Candidates in the Year 2000, Says Sweeney
line Disgruntled Workers Air Corporate 'Dirty Laundry'
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line Supreme Court Rulings and ADA, 1999 Review
line Answers about Employee Break Periods
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button BCG Has a New Address!

In an effort to expand our availability to our clients and friends we have entered into an operating agreement with Allied Employers of Washington.

Allied is a "Tax Exempt, Non-Profit Employer Only Association" which provides information and assistance to employers on labor and personnel issues.

Our new address is:

    Braun Consulting Group
    1326 5th Ave, Suite 339
    Seattle, WA 98101
    E-mail Contact Braun-BCG

Please update your records.

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