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Our long-standing concern at Braun Consulting Group about work place violence and the public and political pressure on employers to do something about it is now gaining acceptability as well as concern by other employers.

A recent survey finds that workplace violence is considered the most significant security threat facing American businesses, costing employers $36 billion annually.

The survey was conducted by Pinkerton Service Corp and included 300 corporate security professionals from nearly 28 percent of "Fortune 1000" companies.

"Violence is usually predictable", said Ray T. O'Hara, vice president of Pinkerton Consulting and Investigations. "Companies can minimize the likelihood of tragedy by being proactive," O'Hara added.

Some recommendations to combat the problem are pre-employment screening to identify high-risk applicants and establishing hotlines that workers can use to report concerns and respond quickly to workers who demonstrate erratic or antisocial behavior.

The number one message that Employers must get out to employees is:

"It is OK to contact management if any employee believes there is a reason to be concerned".

Only the risk you don't know about or is ignored is a risk that is uncontrolled. Take control of your Company's exposure to violence by encouraging employees to tell management about their concerns. And then do something about it. Finally - document the contact by employees and what action was taken.

At Braun Consulting Group we also recommend that employers establish a zero tolerance policy and maintain effective grievance, security, and harassment policies. For more information on violence in the workplace please see our special report at: http://www.braunconsulting.com/bcg/violence.html.

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