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- Stock Option Offers Rising, Survey Says

A survey of 1,352 employers conducted by Watson Wyatt Worldwide shows that stock options are increasingly being offered to non-executive employees.

On average, almost one-fifth (19 percent) of company employees were eligible for the grants in 1999, up from 12 percent in 1998, according to the survey of top management compensation.

"Stock options, once reserved exclusively for senior executives, are steadily being pushed further down the corporate ladder," according to Ira Kay of Watson Wyatt.

At Braun Consulting we find it interesting that the trend to offer stock options comes at about the same time the stock market is placing most options under water. Compensation of employees is an ever changing challenge. Give us a call for some customized ideas.

- Spotting Signs of Violence NOT for Managers Only

Another area of 'violence in the workplace' which needs to be corrected is the lack of training for employees in learning to spot signs of violence.

A survey published by the Risk and Insurance Management Society found that only 24 percent of surveyed risk managers and safety professionals said violence prevention training was offered to non-managers. A majority of the 299 surveyed (58 percent) said that their employers offer training on how to spot the warning signs of workplace violence, but they also said that most companies let only managers in on this training.

The survey found only 22 percent of respondents reporting an increase in violent incidents since 1994--more reported either a decline in incidents or none at all. Prevention policies may account for these declines.

At Braun Consulting Group we recommend that employers establish a zero tolerance policy and maintain effective grievance, security, and harassment policies. For more information on violence in the workplace please see our special report at: http://www.braunconsulting.com/bcg/violence.html.

- At-home Sales Rep Gets Workers' Comp for Driveway Injury.

The Utah Court of Appeals recently ruled that employees who are injured while working at home are entitled to the same workers' compensation benefits as employees at job sites and in office buildings. This is in effect even if their injury occurs while they're engaged in activities only indirectly related to their employment.

An auto supply sales representative was seriously injured in a fall while spreading salt on his icy driveway. The three-judge panel decided unanimously that he is entitled to benefits because his injury "arose out of and in the course of" his employment. The employee said he was trying to clear the driveway to facilitate delivery of a package containing materials for an upcoming business trip.

Many consider the Utah Courts to be "conservative". Just think how this might play in California. A word to the wise if you have home based workers.

- Home PC Benefit a New Trend.

One of the hottest new trends in employee fringe benefits is to supply workers with personal home computers. The theory is that it can be used to effectively boost computer literacy and aid workplace communication.

The home PC benefit was most recently extended to employees of Ford Motor Co. and Delta Airlines.

However, providing computers for use outside the office can pose security risks and requires that employers keep track of hours worked to avoid violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

This is an emerging trend - we will keep you advised of how it develops.

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