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button Executive Council Approves Plan To Add
   1 Million New Union Members a Year

On August 1st the AFL-CIO's Executive Council approved a resolution establishing a four-point program designed to reach the goal of adding 1 million union members a year.

The resolution adopted by the council includes the following statements:

    - "We will set a goal of achieving, as soon as possible, a one-million-member-a-year organizing pace, or roughly 80,000 newly organized workers, on average, each month."

    - "National affiliates will strive to set and achieve higher numeric organizing goals, as part of the effort to achieve the million-member pace."

    - "The Organizing Committee of the AFL-CIO Executive Council will regularly assess how the federation Organizing Department and other departments can best assist in achieving these increased goals."

The resolution also states that:

    - "Even as we conduct these critical activities, we must take the most important step of all: we must dramatically expand our campaigns to help working men and women organize into unions. Many of our unions have taken strong steps to increase organizing in recent years, and we are proud of the progress that has been made. But the pace today is still not sufficient."

The Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics states that in 1999 total union membership - including members of both AFL-CIO-affiliated and independent unions - rose by 265,000.

The AFL-CIO claims to need to organize between 500,000 and one million workers a year in order to continue to meet its current growth rate. The federation's 68 member unions represent a total of about 13 million workers, according to information on the AFL-CIO Website.

Bottom Line:

Expect to see both quantitative and qualitative expansion efforts by unions to increase membership over the next several years. It seems the Executive Council and union bosses are constantly calling for increases in membership numbers, but this time the efforts are both specific and well planned. In addition, national unions will suggest ways that the 2001 Organizing Fund may best be applied to back up the million-member program... putting more money into this effort than before.

For more information on this topic see the official press release, just click here.

For information on earlier union organizing efforts, and what you can do to be prepared for them, please see our web page at http://www.braunconsulting.com/bcg/corp.htm, or just click here.

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