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button How To Increase The Value Of Your Companies Reward Investment

In The Hay Report: Compensation and Benefits Strategies for 1999 and Beyond the research used involved thousands of companies and hundreds of individual compensation plans.

This new research proves the methods used by Braun Consulting Group to be "on track" in these conclusions:

  1. Developing reward schemes that better support company goals depends on the fit between strategy and HR practices... not just pay.
  2. Universal compensation "fixes" don't work because of company-to-company differences such as work culture and markets.
  3. There are no common compensation systems among the worlds most admired companies... only common principles.

One of the quickest and most efficient ways you can increase the value of your companies reward investment is to contact Braun Consulting Group and have them review or revise your compensation system.

Their many years of hands on experience and real life cases makes them fully qualified to advise you in how to get the most out of your compensation system.

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