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book reviews by Robert Braun

Thanks to the publisher HNB Publishing (www.hnbpub.com), Robert Braun of Braun Consulting Group has been asked to review two new books of interest to management.

The first book written by Ralph L. Kliem and Irwin S. Ludin is titled
"Managing Change in the Workplace".

The second book of a similar nature but a totally different treatment is by Ken Robertson entitled "Work Transformation, Planning and Implementing the New Workplace".

Receiving the two books for review simultaneously was an interesting experience. It gave me a unique opportunity to observe how the authors treat similar subject matter in different ways.

Granted, Robertson deals with the elements of change through work transformation to create value for the organization, where Kliem and Ludin address the process of achieving change in the workplace. The authors address different areas of organizational change and each author treats his topic in very different styles.

Work Transformation is a very well written, in depth project presenting the author's view and analysis of how the transformation of work is accomplished through the integration of human resources, facilities management and information technologies.

The goal of the author is to describe the interaction of elements as an organization breaks out of its traditional definition of work and evolves into an environment that it empowering, communicative and pleasing for the workforce.

I truly recommend this book for those of you interested in a fascinating perspective on the elements of transformation. While I did not find this to be light reading, I did find it to be thought provoking and informative.

Managing Change - a 12 step program, on the other hand, is light hearted but full of meat. Some of us would characterize the author's efforts as a cookbook, or checklist of how to manage necessary change in an organization which has not yet adapted to a constantly changing environment.

The authors, using Santa's Workshop at the Northpole as a laboratory, take us step by step through the change process in the elf's workshop. Santa is to become a more customer sensitive organization.

This book is well written in language that can be enjoyed by any level of employee within your organization. I would recommend this book to any of you forming task forces for change or who need reading material to orient your team leaders of how change can be accomplished within their department or team.

Although in places the book is basic, it is a valuable tool for those of you wishing to provide quick, easy to understand guidance to employees and team leaders who are undergoing change.

All in all I would suggest that those managers who are contemplating a need for an in depth look at work transformation read Robertson's book. Those of you who are responsible for managing change in your work environment take a look at the fun volume by Kliem/Ludin.

I believe the two books are a valuable asset to an understanding and ability to express a vision of the future in discussions with those in management as well as those who will actually effectuate the change.

Robert Braun,
Braun Consulting Group

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