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DOL to Start 'One-Stop' Job Centers

"One-stop" Department of Labor service centers may soon replace conventional employment offices, Raymond Bramucci, DOL assistant secretary, said April 15th. The new centers, which will deliver job and training services to workers and businesses, represent the "cornerstone" of the Workforce Investment Act.

The centers will open in sites ranging from community colleges to private businesses, and eventually will serve about 200,000 people nationwide, Bramucci said. The WIA, enacted last year, is partly intended to streamline DOL services and training programs.

New Publication from Department of Labor and Industries

Washington State Department of Labor and Industries has a new publication under the General Occupational Health Standards. The new publication is Chapter 296-62 WAC - Part L: Atmospheres, Ventilation, and Emergency Washings. The number is F414-042-111 6-99 edition. The changes noted in this publication are effective June 17th, 1999.

Personnel Management Survey Results:

    Flexible work arrangements - A 1998 William M. Mercer study of more than 1,800 large and mid-sized employees finds that 61 percent of the companies polled have a flexible worktime program in place, with an additional 12 percent thinking of adopting flextime work arrangements. Telecommuting programs have increased the fastest, with 33 percent of respondents offering work-at-home opportunities compared to only 6 percent in 1993.

    Reference checks - Over 80 percent of 854 employees surveyed check references when hiring executive, professional, and technical employers compared to 68 percent or less for skilled laborers and part-time or temporary employees, according to 1998 data from a Society for Human Resource Management survey. (Do those reference checks!)

    Temporary workers - Three out of four employees think working as a temporary employee is "very beneficial," according to a survey of 1,150 temporary workers by the National Association of Temporary and Staffing Services. (Don't overlook your Temps!)

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