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A New Trend Emerging in Legislating Workplace Violence.

The issue of workplace violence has taken on a new dimension recently with the latest round of extreme violence in the workplace this year.

Plaintiffs Bar Lawyers and other employee advocates (including unions) have been increasing the pressure on employers and legislators for action. The action they want is to place new responsibilities on the employer to remedy what some say is a "social illness".

Violence in our society is now emerging as the next big responsibility for employers.
New legislation is being proposed, and employers are wondering what to do.

Recently the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) announced the introduction of their "Model Workplace Violence Safety Act" which is proposed legislation for upcoming state legislative sessions.

These developments motivated Braun Consulting Group to update you on latest events about the SHRM proposed legislation.

In addition we thought it would be helpful for you to revisit the resources and information we have published over the years concerning violence in the workplace.

Here at Braun Consulting Group we have been informing employers over the past years that violence in the workplace is an emerging issue that will continually gain in importance - and we have provided helpful and detailed information for you on our website since 1996.

As an example: in addition to our 8 past newsletter articles on our website, we released a 7 page special report in October 1999 titled "Violence in the Workplace: 'A Loaded Gun at the Head of the Employer'", and our first article on our website about workplace violence was back in the summer of 1996 titled "Violence Policy".

We help employers face this issue and give them a firm grasp on taking control.

In reading or printing out this Special Feature you should find it helpful in gaining information and ideas to combat workplace violence... and hopefully be motivated to take action before it is too late!

We hope you enjoy this Special Feature on Violence in the Workplace.

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