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    Model Workplace Violence Safety Act

SHRM Releases New Legislative Proposal

The Society for Human Resources Management recently released the following announcement. We quote it in full and thank SHRM for their efforts in this issue.

SHRM Model Workplace Violence Safety Act

Workplace violence is a growing issue for all workplaces, large and small. In recent years, businesses have increased security measures by providing training to employees and supervisors on how to handle a violent situation; adding day and night security; installing surveillance cameras in public locations; and providing counseling resources to victims of workplace violence.

The Workplace Violence Safety Act may help reduce workplace violence before it occurs. One government estimates that between seven and eight million women are battered every year in the United States. It is also estimated that 75 percent of those women are harassed by the abuser while at work. These women receive threatening phone calls, e-mails, and are frequently stalked as soon as they leave the work site. Yet they are afraid to obtain a restraining order for fear that the abuser may retaliate--making a bad situation worse.

The Workplace Violence Safety Act is legislation designed to allow employers to request the restraining order. The benefits are two fold. First, early intervention by the employer will make the workplace safer, not just for the victim, but for all co-workers. And second, the victim may be encouraged to seek additional help, thereby breaking the cycle of abuse.

To promote this Act, we've enclosed material for use in your state's upcoming legislative session. The plan provides your chapter or state council with the necessary materials to introduce and promote enactment of a Workplace Violence Safety Act. Because it is impossible to design materials in a "one size fits all" manner, you are encouraged to modify the materials and strategies to match its specific needs. The following materials may be viewed online, saved or printed.

Sample Workplace Violence Fact Sheet
Proposed Legislative Strategy for the Enactment of Workplace Violence Safety Act
Possible Members for the Workplace Violence Safety Act Coalition
Possible Opposition to the Workplace Violence Safety Act
Tips to Presenting Effective Testimony
Sample Testimony
Sample "Dear Colleague" letter
Sample Grassroots letter
Sample letter to business community
Sample press release
Sample Legislation

End of quoted press release and links to
SHRM Model Workplace Violence Safety Act

Next we will address the issue of employer's liability
as it pertains to violence in the workplace.

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