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Since 1996 Braun Consulting Group has been putting information on our website to help employers and employees with the growing problem of violence in the workplace.

This page presents a list of links to past articles, special reports and conversations regarding workplace violence. Feel free to print out any of the information, and of course contact us if you have questions, concerns, or need help with this. We would be glad to assist you. Just e-mail us at Contact Braun-BCG.

violence in the workplace resources  Feature: Violence in the Workplace:
"A Loaded Gun at the Head of the Employer"
Workplace Violence Rears Its Ugly Head. Domestic Violence and Workplace Violence.
Types of Workplace Violence. Some Trends in Prevention Measures.
ADA, ADEA, OSHA: Acronyms and Workplace Violence. Summary: Some Other Preventative Measures.
Tips on Preventing Workplace Violence.
violence in the workplace resources  Past Articles from Braun Consulting News
Violence is Top Security Concern
in 2000.
You Can Prevent Liability From Workplace Conflicts.
Spotting Signs of Violence NOT for Managers Only. Leave for Domestic Violence-Related Services - New Law.
Domestic Abuse & Workplace Violence - A Liability Issue For Employers. 5 Tips on Minimizing Workplace Violence.
Violence in the Workplace. Violence Policy.
violence in the workplace resources  Transcription of A Conversation With Bob Braun
Although this transcribed conversation with Bob took place 1998, Bob was right on the money with his comments... calling attention to some scenarios and potential problems of workplace violence. He also offers some answers that should help you... so take a look at this interesting transcript.

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