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Summary of the latest trends.

The violence in the workplace problem has taken on a new dimension recently as we have seen it morph into a legislative issue. This is just the beginning.

Bob Braun, of Braun Consulting Group, says: "I predict that with the new laws will go a new duty to use them and if the employer does not use them the employer is going to be liable for negligence - possibly over and above the workers comp coverage."

The recent Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) announcement that their "Model Workplace Violence Safety Act" offers proposed legislation for upcoming state legislative sessions is the tip of the iceberg.

The problem of workplace violence is the complexity of the issue. There is no one, individual solution to the problem. Each and every one of these cases is going to have to be identified by the employer and individually treated in its own unique fashion.

What was once a troubling situation now has the potential to become a real nightmare for some, and an issue that won't go away for the rest of us.

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