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Resources on Workplace Violence.
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FACTA: Compliance and Liability


Special Report:
Violence in the Workplace Revisited:
Updates and Resources.
Special Report:
Violence in the Workplace:
"A Loaded Gun at the Head of the Employer".
Archived Special Report:
Clinton NLRB Nomination:
Leonard R. Page to serve as General Counsel of the NLRB.
9th Circuit Opinion applies "perfectly clear" exception to successor employer.
Archived Special Report:
"'Union Corporate Campaign '96'"
Archived Special Report:
"Union Corporate Campaign '97: Phase Two"


Articles From Newsletter Archives

graphic Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)- Employers Survival Kit
graphic ADA Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA)
graphic Guns In The Workplace Update
graphic No Match Rule: E-Verify Update


graphic Health Care Crisis - Latest Update
graphic Reemploying Returning Veterans
graphic DHS Immigration No-Match Rule on Hold
graphic Aging Workforce - Employer Issues
graphic Employer Briefs - Human Resources Updates
   - Another Ruling Against FedEx Ground
   - Fighting Questionable Disability Claims with DNA
   - Facebook and Job Boards
   - Unions Global Concern


graphic Employers & the Health Care Crisis
graphic Independent Contractor Conundrum
graphic DOL Survey on FMLA - Comments Duly Noted
graphic Domestic Violence and Workplace Bullying
graphic Employer Briefs - Human Resources Updates
   - Employee Free Choice Act Blocked
   - Enforcement of No-Match Rule
   - H1-B Immigration Visas Gone on First Day
   - Personality Testing Controversial
   - Facebook and MySpace Caution


graphic State Of The Unions: Changes & Tactics
graphic Recruitment Concerns: Crucial Changes Evolving
graphic Retention: The Flip Side of Recruiting
graphic Terminating Employees: Ten Tips On Firing
graphic Employer Briefs - Human Resources Updates
   - More Bathroom Break Battles
   - Add Blogging To Time Wasting Internet Activities
   - Onshoring: An Alternative To Offshoring
   - Employee Crime And Identity Theft Update
   - Ten Year Anniversary Of Braun Consulting News Letters


graphic FedEx Ground Versus UPS: Two Worldviews
graphic Workplace Diversity: Does It Work?
graphic Health Care and Employers: Key Current Issues
graphic The Shrinking American Vacation
graphic Top HR Issues For 2005
graphic USERRA Update
graphic Briefs
   - Background Checks: Necessary but potentially flawed
   - Office Romance On The Rise Again
   - Are HR Departments Socialist?
   - Company Portals Coming Of Age
   - The Bush Administration And OSHA


graphic Offshore Outsourcing: Impact on the American Workplace
graphic Labor Law and Non-union Employees
graphic Obesity In The Workplace
graphic Productivity Or Push?
graphic English-only Policies
graphic Update On FLSA Overtime Act
graphic Briefs
   - Internet Usage By Disgruntled Employees
   - Update On Romance In The Workplace
   - Suspicious Medical-leave Requests
   - New DVD on Workplace Violence Available
   - Alternative Health-care For Workers


graphic Impact of Military Reserves Activation on Employers
graphic Absenteeism & The Bottom Line
graphic Feingold FMLA Amendment, Update
graphic 50 Tips On Workplace Violence
graphic FLSA Update
graphic Briefs
   - Identity Theft: Facts, Prevention, and Response
   - Office Napping On The Decline
   - Be Careful Not To Hit The Send Button By Mistake
   - Proposed Bill Would Legitimize Foreign Workers

graphic Overtime Is About to Change - "Family Time Flexibility Act" (H.R. 1119)
graphic New Frontiers of Harassment - Trends in Same Sex Harassment
graphic Reminiscing About Workplace Romance
graphic Web Surfing At Work - New Workplace Reality
graphic NLRB Using The Web - Documents Can Be Filed Via The Web
graphic Briefs
   - Break Your Non-Competes
   - Fire Your Boss
   - Another Survey Proves Employee Dissatisfaction
   - Instant Messaging: Wading Into Uncharted Territory

graphic Paid Family Leave
graphic NLRB Watch
graphic Violence in the Workplace Update
graphic Defined Contribution Health Care Plans
graphic Your HR Records - A Ticking Time Bomb
graphic Briefs
   - Bathroom Break Battle at Distiller Jim Beam
   - Shorter Naps Are Better
   - Health Insurance News at eBay
   - Employee Satisfaction: Is This A Good Thing?
   - Lowering Absenteeism with Paid Time Off Plans

graphic Employers Guide to Cell Phone Liability
graphic Internet E-mail Usage Update
graphic National Guard and Reserve Leave
graphic Useful Internet Terms
graphic The Changing Face of the Health Insurance Crisis
graphic Briefs
   - Lessons from September 11
   - On-line Employee Turnover COST Calculator
   - Depression in the Workplace
   - Death of an Employee

graphic OSHA Revises Workplace Injury and Illness Reporting Rule
graphic Clinton DOL Narrows Exemption for Labor Relations Consultants
graphic Interim Rules Issued for Bush Executive Orders of February 17th, 2001.
graphic FMLA: "Serious Health Condition" Being Redefined
graphic ADA: Medical Examinations / Inquiries Addressed by 3rd Circuit Court
graphic Briefs
   - Lawsuit Agains Contracter That Did Not Provide EO Survey Response Filed By DOL
   - Employers Cite Burdens Related To Leave Law (FMLA)
   - Worker's Comp For Depression? A NH Court Says Yes
   - Domestic-Partner Benefits Offered By Firms Have Doubled Since 1997
   - Internet Access Increases Need For Investment Education

graphic Violence Short Updates (Briefs)
   - Employers Fight To Remain Gun Free
   - Agency in MA. Urges Precautions Against Violence After Latest Slayings
   - Worker With Depresssion Threatened Violence - Employer Was Justified In Firing

graphic Bush Issues New Directives
graphic Sex: "Major Life Activity"?
graphic Internal Investigation Records Ruling
graphic Unfair Labor Act Judgement
graphic Romance In The Workplace Revisited
graphic Collective Bargaining Impasse Issue
graphic Briefs
   - EEOC Issues Decision on Insurance Denial for Contraceptives
   - NLRB Board Decides Dismissed "Union Salt" Case
   - Michigan Court Defines Test for "Stray Remarks"
   - Undocumented workers entitled to backpay under NLRA (5-4)
   - Another Case of Employers vs. Unions


graphic America's Work Ethic: How Hard Do We Really Work?
graphic Terminating Employees: Ease the Pain
graphic NLRB Allows Temps to Join Unions
graphic Woman Not Hired Because She Valued Family Life Too Much
graphic Notes on Recent NLRB Decisions
graphic Leave for Domestic Violence-Related Services - New Law
graphic The Trusted Advisor - Book Review
graphic Briefs
   - "Labor on the Line" - New Cable Show In Portland, Oregon Focuses on Labor Issues
   - Stress and Rapid Change Can Lead to Workplace Mental Health Problems
   - Watching Sunday Morning Religious Shows A Religious Right?
   - Child's Claim for Prenatal Injuries Upheld
   - Avoid the Temptation to Cut Corners in Hiring Decisions
   - Don't Dial and Drive


graphic Executive Council's New Plan To Add 1 Million New Union Members a Year
graphic NLRB Broadens Regulation of Nonunion Employer Conduct
graphic E-mail policies can lead to legal quagmire
graphic NLRB - New approach in "salting" cases
graphic Violence is Top Security Concern in 2000
graphic Briefs
   - Stock Option Offers Rising, Survey Says
   - Spotting Signs of Violence NOT for Managers Only
   - At-home Sales Rep Gets Workers' Comp for Driveway Injury
   - Home PC Benefit a New Trend


graphic More on Workplace Romance - Dating, Harassment, Court Rulings and More!
graphic Allergies and Asthma in the Workplace - Deserve Attention
graphic Drug Testing of Workers Is Not Cost Effective Says ACLU
graphic New Concerns About Union Organizing and E-mail
graphic Some Employers Crack Down on Personal Online Time
graphic Briefs
   - Help for Veterans in DOL Website
   - Religious Practices, or Harassment?
   - Non-job Related Demands: a Potential Mine Field of Legal Problems


graphic Workplace Romance - How About a "Love Contract"?
graphic 'Right to Organize' - THE Hot Labor Issue To Test Candidates in the Year 2000
graphic Disgruntled Workers Air Corporate 'Dirty Laundry' on Internet WWW Sites
graphic Supreme Court Rulings and ADA, 1999 Review
graphic Answers about Employee Break Periods
graphic BCG Has a New Address!
graphic Briefs
   - Nursing Moms Get Rooms from DOD
   - "Federal Supervisors and Poor Performance" Report Released
   - Unusual Perk for Recruitment used by Chiropractic College
   - Time Spent in Mandatory Drug Testing Compensable


graphic E-mail - the 'Wild Wild West' of Today's Workplace
graphic NLRB ruling - a portent of things to come?
graphic How To Increase The Value Of Your Companies Reward Investment
graphic Updates on Union Activities
graphic Reminder: Worker Safety Rules Updated
graphic Work Transformation and Managing Change - book reviews by Robert Braun
graphic Briefs
   - DOL to Start 'One-Stop' Job Centers
   - New Publication from Department of Labor and Industries
   - Personnel Management Survey Results


graphic General Handbook Waivers - Tread Lightly!
graphic Work Place Tips- Short Reminders
graphic You Can Prevent Liability From Workplace Conflicts
graphic Audits May Help Prevent Law Suits
graphic UPS - Follow up Report, One Year After The Strike...??
graphic Some Tips on Benefits

graphic Does Your Application Comply With The FCRA? (Fair Credit Reporting Act)
graphic A $35,000 Mistake: Employees Right To Privacy Handled Carelessly
graphic Domestic Abuse & Workplace Violence A Liability Issue For Employers
graphic Job Hunting On The Web "It's A Numbers Game"!
graphic 5 Myths About Overtime: Test Your Knowledge
graphic Braun Taps Into Internet Resources To Solve Your Problems
graphic If The IRS Comes Knocking On Your Door
graphic More Limitations On ADA
graphic Truth Never Dies by Abraham Lincoln

graphic 5 Tips on Minimizing Workplace Violence
graphic Responding to EEOC Complaints "101"
graphic Complainers & Negative Attitude: Some Insight
graphic Latest Trends From NLRB Chairman William Gould Are They "Anti-Employer"?
graphic Can You Defend Yourself Against "Salting"?
graphic Washington Employment Legislation - Some Notes of Interest
   (Reconciliation of State Family Leave Law with FMLA.)
graphic 1997 Survey of Human Resource Trends

graphic New Health Rules and What to do by June 1st
graphic New Federal Legislation Requires Employee Benefit Communication
graphic Employment Verification Under Washington Immigration Law
graphic NLRB Protects Union Organizer "Salts" Being Used in Nonunion Operations
graphic Update on Union Organizing Plans
graphic Changes in FLSA?
graphic Violence in the Workplace
graphic Avoiding Charges Under ADA
graphic E-mail Policy A Fact Of Life!
graphic No Tort of Wrongful Transfer in Violation of Public Policy in Washington
graphic Repetitive Motion Injuries (RMI's)....CA takes the lead, can WA be far behind?
graphic High Hopes for ADR from the Seattle District Office of EEOC!
graphic Braun Consulting Group On-line Update
graphic Interviewing & Illegal Questions
graphic Reliability is Key


graphic New Test Program  for Medical Savings Accounts
graphic ADA and "Reasonable Accommodation"
graphic 401 (k) Basics
graphic Texaco Revisited: Recordings in Employment Litigation
graphic "Time Off"  Alternative to Overtime Pay
graphic Did you know?:
graphic Sexual Harassment:  In The News
graphic "Internet Code of Conduct - Model Policy"
graphic EEO & Arbitration - "Gilmer revisited in DC"
graphic "In House" Arbitration? Your Program Must Be Good!
graphic In Arbitration: Sexual Harassment
graphic Family Medical Leave Act Reminder
graphic Quick Tips
Repetitive Stress Injuries - A Common Sense Approach
graphic What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?


graphic Save 10% on your L&I
graphic Revised Job-Injury Forms
graphic Violence Policy
graphic New Changes for Veterans
graphic New Organizing Efforts by the...AFL-CIO
graphic BCG's New Web Page
graphic More from the AFL-CIO

To contact us by mail please address your letter to:
Human Resources & Labor Relations
PO Box 847
Woodinville WA

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